Hi! I am Sharan, a final year student at BITS Pilani studying Mathematics and Computer Science.

I am currently a Visiting Student at MIT’s Probabilistic Computing Project under the supervision of Prof Vikash Mansinghka. I am working on benchmarking various inference strategies and unlocking Gen’s programmable inference for Stan programs.

I love contributing to open source. I am helping build JuliaGaussianProcesses under the supervision of Dr Hong Ge, University of Cambridge. We aim for this to be a complete Gaussian Processes framework in Julia ecosystem.

My undergraduate research supervision at BITS was by Prof Ashwin Srinivasan and Tirtharaj Dash where I primarily worked on Model Compression techniques. I also did a reading course on Statistial Learning Theory.

I spent a summer at Inria working under the guidance of Prof Julyan Arbel where I worked on Uncertainity Quatification in Bayesian Neural Networks.

Check out my research and open source contributions.